Welcome to Alternative Art Tattoo


Congratulations and Welcome, you have just found one of England’s top tattoo studios, Northampton’s number one, ‘Alternative Art’.  Not to be confused by any other tattooist’s using this name.

Formed in 1981 by renown artist Tony Clifton, his unique and original designs soon spread through the tattoo world. Tony was soon known as the ‘Tattooist Tattooer’ and worked on famous artists including Micky Sharpz, Louis Molloy, Alex Binnie and Kev Shercliffe who all wear his art.

In 1989, he produced the first ever coloured set of designs in the UK. They were a complete sell out, and he went on to produce a unique book ‘Needles and Skins’ in 1991; 1000 limited editions copies were made which are now highly collectible items.

Working at various conventions in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany and Spain, Tony has picked up 12 various awards along the way.

In 1996, Alternative Art moved to newer and larger premises on Kettering Road, Northampton. Now, highly successful and working alongside 5 other talented and highly trained artist’s with more than 100 years experience between them, each one has their own unique style and different awards.

There is something for everyone here. Enjoy Alternative Art’s work mostly by appointment, and contact us on 01604 472929.